Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Checks Are Coming! The Checks Are Coming!

Good news folks, we get our grant money TOMORROW! Well, I don't because I have to send it home and wait for my parents to deposit it because *surprise surprise* Greylock doesn't have a branch down here. I'm SO excited to get to work on solidifying the (travel) details of this project.  I thought for this blog post I'd give you all a look at my time line for organizing the travel portion of my project.

1. Call Fellowship Travel: Tiffany Cummings (the director of Int'l Studies here) had them come to a dinner we had and talk about their business. They offer discounted flights for students, specifically those traveling for humanitarian reasons. They also act as a full travel agency so if I get stuck in Timbuktu (more like Istanbul, but anyways) I'll have them to get me home.

2. Vaccines! I'll need to make an appointment at Walgreen's to get my vaccinations for the trip. I need; Yellow fever, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, meningococcal, polio, and typhoid (I believe I already have Hep B and the meningitis ones, but I'll have to check). I also need to ask about anti-malaria medication.

3. Plane Ticket: After I talk to Fellowship travel I'll be able to book my plane ticket :)

4. Travel Insurance: I'll need to purchase travel insurance for my trip, Sheltering Wings recommends Travel Guard so that's probably who I'll use.

5. Visa: I can apply for my visa once I have my proof of Yellow Fever Vaccine and my travel dates set.

I'm beyond excited for this trip AND I just found out that 1) my school may be running a trip this summer to Tanzania and 2) my dance professors are going to Denmark in July for a conference and we're invited to go with them.

Also, for those who are concerned with the Ebola outbreak, there is still no warnings or advisories in Burkina or Turkey (which is where I'm flying into):

That's all for now!!

Holly <3

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  1. So proud of you. What a great opportunity that you have.