Thursday, August 27, 2015

Six days, so close but so far

I leave for Sevilla in six days! I am so excited and anxious (in a good way) to get going. I've been spending my afternoons before/after work, depending on which job, at Barnes and Noble reading guide books for the places I want to travel to as well as a novel, "Only in Spain" by Nellie Bennett. I'm about half way done with it, mostly because I can't take it home with me and finish it. It's fantastic, it's a memoir about Nellie, an Australian shop girl who take up Flamenco and goes to Sevilla to study. It makes me very excited to try flamenco when I get to Spain.

 I am also very excited to start speaking in Spanish. It's hard to practice since I have no one to talk to. I won't lie, I've taken to having conversations with myself in the car. It's actually a very good way of figuring out which words I know and which words I don't.

In other news, I'm about 90% packed and by some miracle I've managed to fit everything into a suitcase and a carry on backpack. How? I have no idea. Maybe I'll write a post about packing at some point.

Okay, two last things-for those of you who have traveled to a country where a different language was spoken, what a words/phrases were essential that you didn't think of learning before you got there? Also, postcard list! I love writing to people and prefer it over the internet so if you want a postcard at some point, send me your address! (note-if I already asked you, you don't have to send it again)

Un abrazo de Holly

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