Sunday, March 13, 2016

January trip wrap up and budget

Now that I’ve finished all my storytelling (that’s actually a lie, as I type I’ve written approximately two paragraphs about Budapest. But whatever.) This post will serve as a reference with links to all my relevant posts and a budget breakdown. As much as I’ve loved blogging about this trip, I’m now super far behind with everything else I’ve done so I’m glad this is over!

Dublin, Ireland: I spent a night in the airport and a half a day here before boarding a ferry to Wales. You can find the link to my blog post here.

Bus to Santa Justa: 1,4€
Ave (train) to/from Madrid: 123,6€*
Bus to Airport: 5€
Flight MAD to DUB: 50€
Food: 17€
Bus into Dublin: 6€
Ferry to Wales: 40€
Total: 243€
*While I do love the AVE, this was not ideal but it was necessary as the bus times would have resulted in me waiting at the airport for over 12 hours each way

Holyhead & Bangor, Wales: I stayed with my co-counselor from camp this summer! Link here.

Budget (in pounds):
Train ticket to Bangor: Free, since we were stuck at the station forever due to flooding
Accommodation: Free (thanks Laura!)
Wales sticker: £1,25
Toiletries: £2,78
Second hand book: £2
Food : £22
Total: £28.03 (~36€)

London, England: I spent NYE here with another camp friend and her friend. Blog link here.

Budget (in pounds):
Accommodation: Free (thanks Charlotte and Kasia)
Food (including coffee and drinks): £33,6*
24 hour Transport ticket (x2): £24
Other transport: £17,8
Gifts: £8
Total: £83,4 (~107€)
*I had some access to food thanks to the people I stayed with J

Munich, Germany: I flew from London to Munich and spent about 3 days here. Blog link here.

Flight to Munich: 62€
Housing, 3 nights: 41€
Food (including groceries that lasted the rest of the trip and a fancy lunch): 50,3€
Transportation (including. to/from the airport): 11,9€
Other (tours, museums, etc): 23€
Total: 188.2€

Innsbruck, Austria: This was a day trip from Munich. Blog link here.

Bus to/from: 27.5€
Food (including Christmas market mug): 12.9€
Post Cards: 3€
Total: 43.4€

Füssen, Germany: I spent two nights I this fairy tale Bavarian town! Blog link here.

Train to/from Munich: 40€
Accommodation for two nights (in a real hotel): 116.5€
Food (including a very fancy dinner): 44.23€
Fun stuff (the movies, castle visit, etc) 27.8€
Total: 228,53€

Prague, Czech Republic: 4 Nights in the Czech capital and lots of vegetarian restaurants! Blog link here.

Budget (prices converted from the Czech currency):
Train to Prague from Munich: 20€
Hostel for 4 nights: 40€
Food: 60€
Fun stuff (yoga, museums, etc): 19€*
Total: 139€
*Considering how much I did this is amazing

Česky Krumlov, Czech Republic: Thanks to a booking error on my part I spent one night here. I’m glad I made that mistake. Blog link here.

Budget (prices converted from the Czech currency)
Bus to/from Prague: 15€
Hostel for one night: 15€
Food: 13€
Total: 43€

Vienna, Austria: I spent 3 nights in the Austrian capital. This was a very history-oriented visit. Blog link here.

Train ticket from Prague: 20€
Hostel for 3 nights: 51,5€
Food: 56€
Museums and other cultural things: 41.5€
Transport Pass: 16.6€
Stamps/stickers/a really nice pair of jeans: 83.3€
Total: 268.9

Grünau im Almtal, Austria: I spent 3 nights here. Everything just got put on the tab so I don’t have a good of a breakdown. Blog link here.

Blah Blah Car (x2): 20€
Groceries/alcohol: 10€
Weekend tab (breakfast and dinner, accommodation, horseback riding): 111€
Total: 141€

Budapest, Hungary: I spent five nights here and was really tired by the time I got here so my record keeping was subpar. Blog link here.

Budget (prices converted from Hungarian currency):
Bus ticket from Vienna 18€ (I actually have no idea how much this was, I actually think it was less)
Hostel for 5 nights: 65€
The entire week including food, activities, a ballet, my travel back through Madrid, and a copy of the Book Thief: ~150€
Flight to Madrid: 35€
Total: 286€

Approximate total for one month of travel: 1.700

The budgets I gave my self ranged between 1.000€ and 2.000€. I hadn’t been planning on going to Innsbruck, Česky Krumlov, or Grünau im Almtal. Obviously spontaneity isn’t free, but it sure is fun!

Budgeting tips for longer term travel:

1    1.      Take advantage of grocery stores, but be aware of what type of kitchen appliances your accommodation has, if any. Also, you are not above electric kettle pasta (just make sure it doesn’t have an exposed burner).  
2    2.      Buying transportation ticket ahead of time can save you a lot, my 20€ train tickets would have been 60 if I bought them the day of
3    3.      Laundry is more expensive than you think, just wash your stuff in the sink
4    4.      It’s okay to splurge on a nice dinner or lunch!
5    5.      If traveling alone, try to befriend your server, you might get free food!
6    6.      Going out will kill your wallet, if you do want to go out take advantage of happy hour, especially at your hostel!
7    7.      If you travel in winter you’re going to spend more money on activities but less on travel/accommodation. I went into a ton of museums simply because it was too cold to walk around for hours at a time, but I got off season prices on almost everything.
8    8.      “Free Tours” are fun, but don’t expect them to show you the big tourist attractions. Use them to meet people.
9    9.      I loved Blah Blah Car and saved 80€ round trip using it. I recommend trying it out but definitely be careful with who you pick to drive you!
1    10.  When traveling to a country with another currency, always pay using that currency, check your change, and take it directly out of an ATM instead of trying to exchange it.
1    11.  Always ask about a student/young person/old person discount!
      12.  This shouldn’t have to be said, but watch what you’re carrying so you don’t have to pay extra fees on your luggage. Also if you travel light you won’t have room to bring home a bunch of souvenirs and such, which is ideal if you’re on a budget.

Fellow shoe-stringers: what am I missing?

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