Saturday, July 30, 2016

Next Adventure :)

On the eve of my next big adventure I find myself standing in my kitchen thinking about all the things I haven’t blogged about. I’ve started my big “euro-year” scrapbook but still haven’t told you about the majority of my second semester adventures…or anything I’ve done this summer. I’m sorry but yet I’m not convinced that people besides my mom and a few others read this. I feel like those that do love me enough to be patient <3 [It is significantly harder to blog when you can't go sit in your favorite cafe...]

SO, where to next? Well I’m off to Costa Rica to spend ~3 weeks working on an organic/self-sustainable/eco finca (farm)! I’ll be staying with a family that I connected with through I’m excited not only for another homestay but also that they don’t speak any English so I’ll have a great opportunity to practice my Spanish. I will mostly be working mornings so I’ll have afternoons to explore. My work in the morning is compensated in free room and board minus a small weekly fee for things like laundry soap. I’m super excited because I have this amazing opportunity to learn about sustainable farming which is something that I’m really interested in in the future. I'll also get to spend a day or two in the capital, San Jose. It'll be exciting getting to experience and figure out a new part of the world!

I’m just taking a backpack (thanks Dad for lending me yours!) which is an experiment in packing. I’ve travelled for 10 days with just my LL Bean bag in the past but I never needed to bring rain boots! Even though I only have one backpack and my purse I already can’t help feeling like I over packed.
This is my list…I can look back on it when I get home and we’ll see how I did:

·         Button up shirt (wearing during travel)
·         Two nicer tank tops (wearing one during travel)
·         1 pair of nicer shorts (wearing during travel)
·         3 “work” tank tops
·         2 t-shirts
·         1 long sleeve t-shirt
·         1 nice crop top
·         Zip-up wind running fleece (for nights)
·         Rain jacket
·         Knee length leggings
·         Thick ankle length leggings
·         Jean capris
·         1 maxi skirt
·         3 pairs of athletic shorts
·         Socks/underwear/sports bras
·         Bathing suit

·         Old sneakers (wearing)
·         Cheap flip flops
·         Rain boots

The usual, fit into 1 mini-bag and 1 TSA approved liquid bag + baby wipes!

·         Lots of granola/Cliff bars
·         Quick-dry towel
·         Journal (and a million pens)
·         A book to read
·         Baseball hat
·         Water bottle
·         My purse (wallet, passport, etc.)
·         Camera  w/ charger
·         Ipod w/ charger
·         All necessary paperwork 

The finca I am going to

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