Saturday, December 12, 2015

Apologies and a general update

Hey y'all!

Sorry about not keeping up very well over the past month or so! I went on a bit of a social media/technology break and unfortunately that included blogging. I kind of regret leaving the blogging out because now I'm so far behind, but that's the way it goes. I have my last final this Thursday so I have a bit more time now to catch up with writing.

So what have I been up to since Dublin? The main things have been:

1. JYS trips to Granada and Madrid
2. My birthday and trip to Greece
3. The JYS program ending

A brief update on life in Sevilla:

The whole city is lit up for Christmas! When I got home from Greece this weekend all of the Christmas lights are finally on! During a paseo in el Centro you see the lights, chestnut vendors, tons of food trucks selling desserts and you hear all sorts of Christmas music. The store windows are decked out and there are nacimento scenes everywhere. I'm going on a paseo with some Spanish friends this evening and can't wait to see everything, there's always something new!

I've done a lot of "cafe-ing", my favorite still being Christina & Co, though La Baronesa definitely wins for atmosphere. This morning I went and had a coffee with a few friends at Hotel Alfonso XIII. It was was pretty amazing because it was Hotel Alfonso XIII but the coffee was nothing special. We did get free polvorones though.

Oh, I also cut my hair. I went one day after class and decided I needed a change. It was an interesting experience. I love it and the lady who did it was great  but the other hairdressers were pretty rude. They didn't seem to understand that I could understand what they were saying...

I'm done with my internship for the semester, I'll probably continue next semester but with less hours since I'm also tutoring for a family, both the son and his dad.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at a really nice restaurant with the program. It was pretty amazing. In addition to endless wine and bread we had 4 courses: salad, soup, the main dish (tofu and veggies for me), and dessert-and apple tart and champagne. It was really nice to go to an actual sit down restaurant as I've really only gone out for tapas here in Spain. It's not Thanksgiving without stuffing yourself so some of us went out for Mcflurries after. In general it was weird not being at home for the first time on a "big" holiday but since Thanksgiving isn't really a thing here it didn't feel like a holiday so it wasn't a big deal.

I've had my three cursos concertados exams and they've been disappointingly easy. I think I'm more frustrated over the low expectations than the easiness. I appreciate that I didn't have to try very hard but I took all advanced level classes, if people don't expect anything from you it's really had to put in any effort. I love my regular class and my professor so I'm excited to spend then next week studying for a real exam.

I LOVE traveling but it's been so nice to just chill out and do nothing this week!

Okay, well that's all for now...I'll get the rest of my posts written as soon as possible. I don't want to be behind when I leave for my post Christmas traveling!

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