Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Definitive list of Christmas activities

It’s the 23rd of December, or what I have referred to as “Christmas Eve Eve” in past years. Memories of being bundled up in cozy pajamas watching the snow fall from my bedroom window or watching the Polar Express at school (or maybe having a math test last period, but let’s not ruin it). This year is my fist Christmas away from home and I’ve gone through a rollercoaster of wanting to skip it and wanting to relish in all its European glory. In honor of my favorite holiday, I’ve made a list of all the ways I’ve celebrated to date:

Watching Christmas Movies: Four Christmases, A Very Murray Christmas, Elf, The Royal Opera House Nutcracker (I saw this as a live broadcast at a movie theater in Sevilla, it was good, “Clara” was AMAZING and I loved the costumes but I’ve seen better choreography), The Santa Clause (1,2, and 3), The Grinch (In Spanish with Ester and Mario)

Still to watch: Love Actually, The Polar Express, Rudolph

Listening to Christmas Music: A variety but especially Lady Antebellum’s Christmas Album <3

Eating Christmas Sweets: St. Lucia’s torta (in honor of my confirmation Saint), mantecados, turrónes, an array of candied nuts I bought from a street vendor, chocolates from the dulce tray in the kitchen, drinking Anís de la Castellana

Da una vuelta to see the Christmas Lights: Madrid, Athens, Sevilla

Christmas Markets: Madrid, Sevilla (both traditional (3) and the Belén market)

Cooking Christmas Things: Ester and I tried to make chocolate chip cookies. Yeah it didn’t work out very well and we ended up with a pudding/brownie type thing. Good, but not cookies.

Miscellaneous Christmas Activities: Buying/wrapping/sending gifts, ice skating and checking out the Christmas village at the Prado de San Sebastian, going to mass, seeing Belens set up all over the city, seeing the Alumbra show

Regardless, I can't wait to celebrate Christmas with my host family over the next two days before setting off!

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