Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's the final countdown....

It feels like just yesterday I was posting at the "6 months" mark and now we have ONE MONTH to go! I was a little nervous, but since spending most of the morning getting all my documents together I have gotten more and more excited. I'm starting to work on a packing list as we speak. It is interesting trying to balance school and planning this trip, but I guess that comes with the territory.

This is my to do list:
1. Get my anti-malarial (my mom is getting a prescription from my doctor at home today)
2. Buy a French phrase book (if only Spain colonized Africa...)
3. Make a million copies of everything
4. Contact my bank and tell them not to freeze my card
5. Enroll in the STEP program with the embassy
6. Do my preparation readings
7. Finish up research readings
8. Make a packing list and buy the things I don't already have

I'm nearly positive that isn't everything, but we shall see.

Any packing tips? I think I'm going to bring my backpack and my (smallish) suitcase, as it's only 2ish weeks.

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  1. Hi Holly: this is Grammie
    Packing suggestions: Mom said that you were wearing flowy skirts, might want to buy skirts/tops that are a light material in case you have to hand wash. 2 or 3 skirts and 2 or 3 tops for each skirt should be enough. Roll your clothes to pack, takes up less space and does not wrinkle. 1 extra pair of light shoes,shower shoes 1 pj's, small first aid kit, if allowed extra sunglasses, sunscreen, sanitary products. Whatever makeup in your purse. Wear the same travel outfit both ways.